Cover & Style Your Concrete

Adds Color • Hides Cracks • Easy to Maintain • Anti-Slip

The Perfect Solution for Pool Areas & Patios

Are you looking for a durable, anti-slip surface to cover your concrete? Concrete Rubber Overlays offers many rubber overlay options that give any surface an upgrade. We will work with you every step of the way from a free, no obligation quote to design and installation. The final product looks beautifully seamless and adds elevated style to damaged surfaces.

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No matter your style, Concrete Rubber Overlays has options for you. Our durable concrete rubber overlays come in many colors and patterns. 

Take a look at our gallery to see some of our latest projects to give you inspiration. We look forward to making your dream project come to life.


Come to the Concrete Rubber Overlays’ showroom to see our many floor coatings and color choices to match any look throughout your home or business. We have many systems available for the area you are looking to coat.

Our experts can help you choose which color will look best with your landscaping, pool, play set, outdoor living area or wherever you plan to add Concrete Rubber Overlay’s anti-slip concrete rubber overlay.

Protect & Stabilize Your Concrete

For over 15 years, Will DeWitt and his team at Concrete Rubber Overlays have been providing high-quality concrete curbing and countertops to the Sioux Falls community. Now he is leading the way in sustainable alternatives to remove and replace methods of concrete management with several groundbreaking technologies. These allow property owners, municipalities, and government entities to extend the life-cycle of concrete by as much as 4 times. Our desire is to redefine the standard of effectiveness and service in the concrete restoration industry.


Our high-quality rubber granules and binders can be installed on a variety of surfaces to create the perfect anti-skid surface. Choose our rubber overlay for your pool, patio, garage, driveway, playground, splash pad, home gym and more.

Wherever you have the experts at Concrete Rubber Overlays install rubber overlay, trust it will be impact and slip resistant, long lasting, anti-microbial and flexible. Our rubber overlay also retains and reduces heat, repairs easily, covers cracked surfaces and provides a seamless appearance.

Our rubber overlay is available in a wide range of colors. Choose from 15 standard colors and 10 premixed blends to create endless custom color combinations. With so many options, you are sure to find the right style to fit your needs.

Our process utilizes Humolith, which is a preservation and stabilization solution. One application will permanently protect concrete structures from moisture and chemical intrusion.

Periodic maintenance is important to your concrete’s longevity. This is accomplished with our full line of Protogen protective and cleaning solutions, including our industry-leading Protegen HD with nano-technology.


Our Crew

The Concrete Rubber Overlay crew is hardworking, talented and ready to resurface your pool, patio or other outdoor area.